The California Gold Rush Randonnée was the first event of its type in California. Since it's beginning in 2001 the event has enjoyed world-wide participation. For the 3rd event in 2009, the ACP awarded the DBC with a plaque indicating the first and only US-based 1200km with over 100 participants during that year. With this small bit of boasting, the Davis Bike Club invites you to take part in the fifth running of the The California 1200.
We'll take good care of you and do everything within our limits to assure your finish!

If you have yet to undertake a ride of this length, be ready for a significant challenge to your physical and mental abilities.

By way of a brief introduction here are some details...

  • The event will be similar to other 1200Km events throughout the world.
  • The length of the event and many of the rules by which we operate are set forth by Randonneurs Mondiaux , an international governing body for these types of events.
  • Controles, set at distances of 80Km --100Km are checkpoints for timing a riders progress and providing food, drink and shelter if necessary.
  • A rider must complete all 1200Km in the 90 hour time limit.

Starting in Davis, just 14 miles west of California's Capitol, the route travels along two great California rivers and through the famous Sierra Nevada to just within a few miles of the Oregon border.