Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I'd like to secure a motel room in Davis for the beginning and ending of my ride. Can you suggest a good motel close the the Start/Finish?
A. There a many motels and bed and breakfast type arrangements to be had in Davis. We have no preferred motel. We will make mention the railroad tracks are very close to downtown Davis and if trains bother you, you might like to find a room further away. We have added the Start/Finish to a Google map of motels. If you click on the green arrow indicating the Start/Finish you will be able to get a "view" of the Tandem Properties parking lot and the starting location. Motels in Davis and proximity to the Start/Finish

Q. Will you allow individual support vehicles in the same manner as BMB and PBP?
A. No. We like to think that our organizational and support capabilies are second to none. We believe we can provide for any rider no matter what their time goal. We therefore have discouraged private SAG support. In the past, we have allowed riders to have their own support vehicles, but the number of riders who used their own support was very small. Given the additional cost of registration, special route maps and signs for their vehicles we have determined to eliminate private support vehicles. So we will NOT allow private SAGs. Riders with private SAGS will be disqualified immediately.

Q. What kind of food will be available at the control points?
A. We're going to stress wholesome rider food prepared on site at controls where possible. We'll try to make available high-calorie complex carbohydrates. We understand the need to supply 500-700 calories per hour on this event. Some successful items have been:

  • Homemade soups.
  • Noodles/Pasta/Potatoes freshly cooked
  • Eggs/Omlettes/Hashbrowns
  • Energy bars and snacks for jersey pockets
  • Hot foods and liquids at night, because it could be 50F degrees
  • Plenty of fluids and electrolytes in the day, because it will be 90F degrees

Q. What is the total elevation gain on the GRR?
A. Preliminary measurements have produced ~26,000 feet. We'll know more as soon as the snow melts around Antelope Lake. In any case, we expect the total to be less than either BMB or PBP.

Q. I'd like to make reservations at a motel/hotel along the route for sleep breaks. Can you provide me with this information?
A. Davis Bike Club plans on providing sleeping space at many of the controls. In particular, the Taylorsville control and the Susanville control at 196 and 256 miles respectively. However there are other accommodations available along the route. We have a list of additional accommodations.

Q. Are fenders required?
A. No. Fenders are not required for any of the Davis Brevet Series rides or the GRR.

Q. I plan on using Cateye lighting systems that use AA and C type batteries. Will batteries be available at the control points like PBP?
A. We are providing three bag drops where you can put spare batteries. Batteries will not be available at the control points for purchase. Although the route is rural there are still enough 7-11 type 24-hr stores where you could certainly get spare batteries. You should start the ride with enough light power to get you through the first night.

Q. Speaking of bag drops, how large a drop bag can I bring to the GRR?
A. We will provide each rider with 3 special identification tags for marking their bags by destination (Taylorsville, Susanville and Adin). These bags should be 10"dia x 20" long cylindrical duffel bags that weight less than 15 pounds each. With 3 bag drop points, each rider will have access to each bag twice during the ride, once out-bound to the turn-around and once again in-bound. This should be adequate even if the rider is on the road for four full nights.

Q. I notice Adin, the control at mile 307, does not show any motels. What if I want to sleep at the Adin control?
A. The Adin community center will have floor space for sleeping. We have in the past been able to provide cots or foam pads for riders to be more comfortable. Your drop bag for Adin may contain a sleeping bag if you wish.

Q. What airport would I fly into for Davis?
A. The Sacramento International Airport is only 20 minutes from Davis. There is a public bus that provides service to Davis at regular intervals for a very reasonable fare. I've taken a bike box on this bus in the past without problem. You have to be able to get it on quickly and by youself, but I've done it.

Q. What hotels are there in the Start/Finish area of Davis?
A. A Google map and list of hotels near the Start/Finish is here.